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William Nathan has been a musician since his childhood days in the school orchestra. He continued to study music through college and became associated with professional musicians which taught him many lessons about the music business. When he ventured out on his own, he has been able to achieve some of the following experiences and skills. William, leader of The Elements, was featured on The 75th Annual Academy Awards Program as he played the upright bass for the stage number of the Academy Nominated song: “I Move On” from CHICAGO which featured Catherine Zeta-Jones and Queen Latifah. He has also been involved in The Ally McBeal Show, the movie Three to Tango, and the Amel Larrieux video, “Sweet Misery”, featured on the BET “Midnight Love” program. William’s music has been used for the background music for news programs and other programs on cable television: Time Warner, formerly Comcast Hollywood, Time Warner West, Adelphia, and Cox San Diego to name a few. He has written, produced, directed, performed in Video Programming on those Public Access Cable Stations for the 15 years after he became a TV Cable Producer. He has written, arranged, and produced various videos and movie projects like: gospel, musical shows, medical, music history, and community informational presentations. We know you will enjoy the art of William Malachi Nathan: an ambitious Artist, Performer, Band Leader, Company CEO, Music Producer, and Musician.

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JAMB Productions and William Nathan have formed a group known as William Nathan & The Elements. It consists of five musicians which include bass guitar, drums, keyboards, guitar and vocals. They are a professional ensemble that is been dedicated to playing engaging music which in return makes your event a success. Our band members are all experienced professional musicians, and each musician is chosen to create the appropriate atmosphere for that venue. The Elements have been together for a number of years, and they have been featured in many different venues for public and private performances..The Elements are available for weddings, corporate events, private parties, and national organizations. Our company's intention is always: "Bringing You The Best in LIVE Entertainment"