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Like most of my generation in the early, I was fascinated by The Beatles. From that period, I gained a love of melody. Then came a period of great change in rock music and listened to mostly progressive rock. At the same time, I began to explore jazz with his depth of rhythm, improvisation, and the elusive atmosphere of swing. Learning at school and opened my musical studies on classical music. All these trends were mixed and shaped my approach to music. With time, the burden of interest comes clearly in the direction of jazz, but I never forgot and I do not cut off myself from the roots. At that time I was listening to J.S. Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Debussy, but also Hey Jude, Let it Be, The Long Awaiting Road, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Since then, my love of easy melodies has crystallized, which I later highlight in the recording of My Funny Valentine. I discovered the works of such musicians like Miles Davis with Herbie Hancock or Chick Corea and selected composers of classical guitar music such as Heitor Villa – Lobos and later jazz guitarists like Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin or Paco DeLucia. Fascinated me most in these unusual melodies, rhythm and a unique, distinctive individual sound of each. The development of music is constantly changing, that's why I'm constantly looking for new means of expression, something personal, unique and yet natural and easy to remember for every listener. Therefore, after years of playing standards, I felt that I was ready to implement new projects and compositions. CD Return to Myself is a registered copy on the stage of my musical journey. Unique emotions that accompanied the recording of that album inspired me to take further steps and to continue developing their compositions and music project Jacek Raganowicz Quartet. I made these recordings with the accompaniment of musicians I know well, because I wanted classical and electric piano as well as synthesizers. Robert Czech was a pianist that I knew well. I followed a similar selection key in Piotr Wojaczek's involvement in the double bass and bass guitar, and Kamil Cudzich on drums and percussion instruments. After publishing this CD I received an invitation from Canadian Music Week to Toronto, where we played few gigs in 2013' Songs of my authorship "The Last Fly", "Talking with My Wife", "The Lights of Stars" and "The Peace of Soul" was appreciated by the audience. Our performances were enthusiastically received, and I was counting on establishing cooperation in the organization of concerts. At the time, however, there was still old law order in royalty payments worldwide. After coming back, I received a few times invitations from CMW for the next years, but we didn't decide to go to Toronto again. We recorded new songs for the next album called Niagara Falls, but due to the situation on the global publishing market, I do not decide to publish this album. The exceptions are two songs, namely Vacation, which was featured on the second release of Return to Myself and Long Time Ago, which I released as a single. In the face of this situation, we could only play concerts in Poland. In Dec. 2016 I came to UK Scotland and I changed my place of living where I'm still writing new songs. In September 2017 I received a proposal, regarding the North American (Canada & US) and international promotion, marketing and distribution of Jacek Raganowicz`s catalog. This offer and agreement I received and signed with AMG/SONY from Toronto. That was just before changes in world music distribution began. In the next 2018 year, AMG/SNY decided to re-release my album Return to Myself and published it on Spotify. At the moment, my songs are promoted at ITNS Radio Promotion throughout the United States. I hope to establish cooperation with a good management company that will organize concert tours, PR and helps me record new albums with new musicians with whom I will create a new, richer and more advanced sound of the band. Of course, according to the idea that the listener can hum and remember the melody after the first hearing. For more information on Jacek Raganowicz, head here: Spotify: iTunes:

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