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A brand new collaboration betwen Mix Asylum & Music2deal allowing members to have their songs professionally mastered by the Mix Asylum studio, at a reasonble, competitive cost compared to booking a mastering studio yourself.

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Welcome to the Mix Asylum Mastering Service!

Hi, I'm David Jones, a Mixing & Mastering engineer from my studio called Mix Asylum in the UK, and I'm the resident Mastering engineer for Music2deal. I hope you'll find the threads useful, and my [...]

Sending Your Mix to Mix Asylum

IMPORTANT – PLEASE read the “Preparing Your Mix for Mastering” thread BEFORE you send me any work to be mastered. It explains some misconceptions about mastering and is ESSENTIAL reading. I will j [...]

What you will receive as a finished Master

Here is what artistes will receive as part of the mastering work I give them, as per the “Prices” thread: One (1) WAV file at 44.1 kHz, 24 bit sample rate. This is ideal for CD pressing. One (1) [...]

Prices for Members

Here are the prices for mastering work, depending on your membership type for Music2deal. Premium Plus and Premium Executive members [...]

Preparing a Mix for Mastering

Sound considerations The biggest aspect to think about when sending a song for mastering is “does my mix sound like I [...]

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