Sending Your Mix to Mix Asylum

IMPORTANT – PLEASE read the “Preparing Your Mix for Mastering” thread BEFORE you send me any work to be mastered. It explains some misconceptions about mastering and is ESSENTIAL reading. I will just reiterate the last passage of that thread here: WAV is the most optimum file format, and while mp3's are more convenient and take up less file space, it is precisely this reason why they shouldn't be sent to a mastering engineer. File size can variate wildly depending on the length of a song, but a typical mp3 of a 3:30 song will be around 7MB, whereas a WAV file of the exact same song will around 70MB. So that is 10x better sonic quality that a WAV will reproduce than an mp3, giving much more depth and ambience in the mix. Although it is exactly the same song, the mp3 has squashed 10x quality away from the mix, so the depth of the WAV is gone. You could say “well you're processes will fix that”, but it can only improve what is there to begin with. If you want your music to have the best quality for your audience, it has to start with how it is presented in the final production stage of mastering. Checklist 1. Does the mix of the song sound the way I want it to be listened to levels wise? 2. Export the mix with no effects on the master fader channel for the clearest sound of your mix 3. Export the mix as a WAV file, 24 bit, 44.1kHz If you are happy with the above, here is the process to sending me your song(s): 1. Please go to my personal transfer website – 2. Press “I agree” to accept wetransfer's terms. This is nothing to do with me, but it won't let you send a file without agreeing. 3. Click on the “Add Your Files” button where an explorer window will appear showing your computer. There is a 20GB file limit, but that will be plenty for music files!! 4. When you've added your files, my studio email address of is already added in the form. Enter your email address in the box directly below so that wetransfer will email you saying you have sent me a file, as well as a further email when I have downloaded your file. 5. Please send me a message in the “message” box so I know who you are and what your music2deal username and membership type is. This is so I can cross reference it for my own records. Press the “Transfer” button. 6. Your file(s) will now be transferring to my studio email address. Please wait until the transfer has completely finished to avoid any problems


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