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Topic and recent focus is the (video/audio recorded) live program. `David Kayy - jazz guitar : abstract views on life` and the underlying background and fundamental music research leading to composition : musical abstraction. The focus of what we seeking (label/publisher) is international not limited to the four countries in the data segment. The live programm is proposed and presented in more than 45 countries to all relevant national jazz festivals, venues and philharmonic halls. (Europe jazz network , US , Asia etc. - counting for 1.600 concert locations) Musicprofessionals see in David Kayy- abstract views on life a JazzSoloCulture like Keith Jarrett gave to the musicworld, but in a different musical expression. David Kayy plays at the highest international and guitarhistorical level and beyond in terms of virtuosity, musicality and individual articulation, expressing deepness, amazing speed, groove and rich soundcolors orchestral-like. Using it to tell musical jazz stories about life, people and art. All of you are kindly invited to develop own impressions and views by the videos showing touring-concert-pieces. ( Specific virtuos elements are new and never been seen in history of guitar. All used to underline expression, musical articulation and creativity. Exciting .... the wheel of guitarhistory is turned further! (short) Biography and article from en.everybodywiki David Kayy is a german born guitarist (core-genre jazz), composer, music-creator, music researcher. (family name Rainer David Stehmann) During the period from 2016 – 2022 David Kayy has worked in deeper studies (music research) on an inventive further string how to improvise, create and compose music: musical abstraction - inspired by the elements and creative art of abstract painting in the period 1870 to 1930 and from 1980. The musical, artistic and art-historical background of the work, process and development is highly interesting and of cultural value. Musical abstraction was seen in history and literature, to describe it simple, as non practical, results not working or impossible to establish. Assignments of historic music styles to be abstract (Schönhausens 12 tone music, absolute music in the beginning of 18th century …) turned out to be incorrect. Musical abstraction means to work in music with abstract creation principle of art (painting, sculpturing etc.). David Kayy reached a full working fundamental method, which can be seen as a new musical creation principal, highly musical new style in the relevants of the today existing music-creationprinciples like harmony to melody/scales , melody/scales to harmony, lyrics to melody/harmony, phonetic to music, redefinition of given music (in rythm, sound, style, interpretation etc.) David Kayy mentioned : ` in some parts of my work , when listening to the(my) fingers, I am not shure, is it improvised jazz or improvised classic or both ... shifts me to a mental state not to decribe.... Abstract jazz will influence classic music, pop music and rock music creatively and fundamental ...`

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David Kayy music Volksgartenstrasse 30 DE 50677 Cologne Germany +49 157 3516 6472 email: