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Across These Citrus Skies

  • Feb 25, 2021
  • Dance Electronica
  • English
Across These Citrus Skies
Main info
Genre Dance Electronica
Language English
Use for
  • Compilation
  • Commercial
  • Film
  • Ringtone
master track available yes
Tempo up-Tempo
  • Romantic
  • Danceable
  • Energetic
  • Uplifting
Voice female
Release date 2020
Release artist Jolanta Durno
Licensing info
UPC 195079552557 CD Baby
Song Description
A song about being separated by distance & desert, and longing to be re-united with one's love. A dance song with a seriously catchy groove!
Across these Citrus Skies
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Votes and comments

C.R.P C.R.P 5/14/22 5:00 PM
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 3/18/21 3:47 PM
Georgina Hilton
Georgina Hilton 2/28/21 8:52 PM
"5 star song and production!"
Christian Meyer-Pedersen
Christian Meyer-Pedersen 2/25/21 3:20 PM
"Great synthesis of folk and EDM"
Rolf Höllrigl
Rolf Höllrigl 2/25/21 3:06 PM