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Richard Alan Krieger "Crane" is mostly known in the music world as having played trumpet and sang back-up vocals with the iconic American rock band The Minutemen (who opened for R.E.M. 1985 Tour) on their albums “Project Mersh” and “Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat.” He was also the lead singer/bassist/writer of the L.A. rock band Tragicomedy that began in 1980. The origin of the group was his high school garage band called Wasted Space which began in 1973. They recorded the album “Homage to Nada” on New Alliance/SST Records in 1983. He also played in, recorded with and or jammed with… Another Umbrella & Kangaroo Court (Richard Derrick), Invisible Chains, Cosmic Joke (D. Boon), Fo Fum (Mike Watt), Vida (George Hurley), Patrick Moraz (Moody Blues/YES Keyboardist), Charlie Haden (Jazz Bassist), Sun Ra (The Arkestra), Stove Top (Black Flag members), Super Session (Raymond Pettibon), Exploded View (Joe Baiza), Carnival Jones, Symbolic Romance, The Rub, The Runkis, Mandible Orchestra and Dick Edgemont (Crane). Richard Alan Krieger "Crane" (Music, Artwork, Photos, Book, Screenplay and Bio) BandCamp SoundCloud YouTube Song playlists on youtube… Pop Songs Love Songs Inspirational Songs Rock Songs Nashville Demo Songs

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