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Boris Guderjahn, musician, photographer, digital artist, spiritual healer.

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Boris Guderjahn on Tenor Saxophone, born in Germany. Played with Frederic Rabold, Herbert Joos, Studiobigband Karlsruhe, “The Moonlights”, blues legend Glenn Schwartz and later toured with german RockJazz group “November”, moved to SA and founded the Jazz Catz. Ryan Sackanary on Keyboard, raised in a Cape Town musical family, played with Emo Adams, Tracey Carter, Allou April, Donvino Prins a.o. Joshua Hendrickse on Bass and digital drum programming, born in a musical family in Cape Town, his father was a musician, play bass for 10 years as freelance bass player. Our musical concept is at ones to cover a wider spectrum of different genres of jazz with the love for latin/groovy rhythms, to blend latin rhythms with funk and combine it with a more contemporary sound like Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and a sound signature a la Weather Report. We are still on a way to create something different (own style) due to the fact that we only play in the present formation since 1 year.