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AVIYA’s music Aviya’s music was born more than seven years ago, where it was given time to grow and mature into a CD production of international standards. Over a period of two years, the CD “Flight of Time” was recorded and is now ready for release. As wings to spread the music and powerful message of “Flight of Time”, the band Pan Africa Express performs with Aviya. The performances consists of energetic and passionate musicians, who all collaborate their talents to produce a new and fresh rock sound-scape and solid performance. The music can be described within the genre of "Melodic Rock” with some very subtle, as well as rough edges. This caters for beautiful melodies and inspiring lyrics, riding on angelic vocals, strong drumming and solid/intricate guitaring. Piano/Keyboards add a classical-to-African dimension to the sound and a strong and creative bass-line supports the music to create a very solid and well-defined sound for the performance in total. Aviya’s Lyrics Aviya’s lyrics are beautiful and poetic, underlined by emotions seated in every human experience. Addressing themes ranging from deep personal experiences of life, love. Lessons and living, through observations of social survival, towards highly inspirational and spiritual anthems. The first album, “Flight of Time” wishes to capture these themes in a moment of time. Her Next recording in collaberation with Studios is a combinened venture featuring a variety of Artists. Aviys’s Image To complement the solid, though eclectic and versatile musical scope of Aviya, Pan Africa Express band members adds a creative mix of genres adding a musical flair of no comparison. Aviya views her music as a confident balance between musical force and spiritual energy, sealed by artistic integrity. Aviya’s vision Aviya’s vision is to become a top performance act, known to the public and industry for their new and fresh music and sound, and inspiring lyrics driven by creative and powerful music videos. Aviya aspire to reach audiences over a broad range and to enjoy radio play over a broad range of stations and TV channels. Aviya aspire to stay true to its unique musical and artistic character, staying aligned with creative freedom and free expression. Aviya live by the moto: Inspiration through music. Music through love.

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