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Brian Baxter, that's me. I began Illuminated Skulls, I am a lifelong music lover and musician with over 20 bands under my belt. Graduate of the Los Angeles Recording School w/ honors. I was employed at a major Intl. music publisher for 5 years in good standing, learning many aspects of the music game from the inside. I started ILL SKULLS in response to the bloated and corrupt industry I found behind the curtain. I am now starting a new project called Pocket Battleships, check it out, were all over the web. ILLUMINATED SKULLS MUSIC IS NOW BACK as of Oct. 1, 2013, hit me up now for promotions and consultation help. NO BS.

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Brian Baxter is an accomplished singer and songwriter, now involved in the Los Angeles based Music Publisher Little Brother Music Publishing as an A&R Rep and Consultant. My charity events are getting bigger and I am now working with Peter Fosso to coordinate with Formerly in the band, "Pocket Battleships", he also started,"Illuminated Skulls Music Services" a full service Music Consultation Platform. Music and Musicians rights, regarding Copyright, P.R.O. affiliation. Promotions, band, publisher, or vanity label structuring, strategic marketing, social media. Band booking, Management, tour support, all that! Get it! Get It! Get It!