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Dirty Jerz, The Fire Spitting Dragon Born on May 12, 1976, (the year of the Dragon), Dirty Jerz was destined for stardom. This lyrically phenomenal New Jersey MC had an ear for music since his early childhood to the point that even his mother noticed and had him singing in church as well as trying to encourage him to take music lessons. By his early teens he started realizing that he really wanted to be an MC after being encouraged and influenced by some of the many hip-hop greats such as KRS one, Rakim, Nas, BIG, Kool G. Rap, Big L, The Fugees and Redman. It was at this point that he began to develop his craft. By his junior year of high school Jerz met up with a friend, who was also the godfather of his son, and began putting together songs. John taught him how to count bars, write verses and put together hooks. They went on to become best friends and team up with John who was already a member of a group at the time called "EASTPAKK". They group consisted of four emcees until Jerz joined, turning it into five emcees total. This group was actually managed by Stevie D. of the force MDs. The crew made demos and mix tapes and eventually all ended up going to college together as well which made their connection even stronger. Eventually each member felt they wanted to start on individual solo projects and basically the group peacefully parted ways and still remained the best of friends. Jerz ended up moving to upstate New York and began performing in various locations such as St. Bonaventure's University and various clubs from New York to Canada. Down the road he moved back to New Jersey and linked up with "Black Jes" who was a friend of his cousins and also an MC and a producer. Jerz went on to join the super group of mc's, now recording on All In Records. He began recording and putting together mix tapes ans the upcoming album "The King James Version". Dirty Jerz is one of the main ingredients of the platter called hip hop. As an essential element to this project, Dirty Jerz has been recording hits at the speed of lightning and writing for himself as well as others along the way. Dirty Jerz and All IN Records, will be exploding all over the airwaves sooner than later and at that point the entire world will get a taste of the man they call "Dirty Jerz". Determined to bring back the old school element of hip-hop and restore a seemingly dying genre of music, the words "settling for less" are just not in his vocabulary. I'm looking to make as many contacts as possible, in the hopes that one day, the world will get to hear my music, and enjoy it, as much as I enjoy making it for the listeners to hear. I live life to the fullest, and enjoy the ride will I'm doing it!!! Jerz is shaking up the hip-hop world and taking it by storm. You'll hear more on Dirty Jerz, sooner than later so you keep your ears peeled and take a ride on Jerzy Drive!!!!!!!!!!

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