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Richard Jansen

  • Mar 14, 2017
  • male
  • Singapore
Richard Jansen
Artist name Richard Jansen
Age 34
Country Singapore
  • Hip-Hop
  • English
Vocal education
  • Stage experience
  • Studio experience
  • clean
  • Rap
  • Recording
Richard Jansen, born Richard Mark Jansen on August 21, 1989 is one of South-East Asia’s leading rapper/singer/songwriter. Formerly part of the duo Trick signed to Sony Music Entertainment. Watched him perform live alongside superstars such as Scola of Multi-Platinum Group Dru Hill, Akon, The Jersey Boys, Kyle Patrick, SKarf (Korea) , M.I.B (Korea), SAYKOJI (Indonesia), Yacko (Indonesia), Jay Park (USA/Korea), BIG BANG (Korea) and more. Currently based in Southeast Asia, Singapore, Richard have set about crafting original and cover songs with a unique style which combines multiple genres such as Hip Hop/R&B/Pop/Reggae/Rock. Music: RichardJansen.Online www.youtube.com/richardjansen www.richardjansen.bandcamp.com Also appeared on: www.youtube.com/trickofficialvevo www.youtube.com/tricktelly
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