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Main activity
Music Producer
Main genre
Dance Electronica
Language skills
Record Label   Composer   Songwriter  
R&B   Pop   Soul   World   Dance Electronica   Brit-Pop  

Personal profile

J&J are Managment, Business Service and Nonprofit for Children Charity in Bali/Indonesia. Songwriter, Composer. Songwriter Lyrics in german and english. ChaQuaa Record and Songpool.

Company profile

We produce, license, distribute, compose, develop, publish and breathe music. We are a multi-cultural, multi-genre and multi-service music enterprise. We not make only music, but we also develop around the small details that come with it, moving forward as a multi-faceted music company: multi-cultural, multi-genre, multi-platform and multi-service. We operate as a worldwide network of partners and specialized work forces, ensuring that all of our projects get the best results. To remain competitive in this ever changing industry, we are constantly giving breaths of fresh air through new innovative products, top quality productions and a 100% professional attitude. We have a plethora of native musicians and vocalists from all over the world at our disposal. Our worldwide network of partners which includes multilingual native producers and singers, gives us the possibility of producing almost any genre from around the world.