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Yurumerumo! (You'll Melt More!)

  • Aug 23, 2019
    • Pop
  • Project
Yurumerumo! (You'll Melt More!)
  • Pop
Type Project
Country Japan
  • Japanese
  • Live
「 Yurumeru >> Loosen the cramped world」、「You ‘ll Melt More!」__Yurumerumo! is named after the meaning of those words and a quartette of girl new wave group. The producer scout for this group at towns and formed on 4th Oct Y2012. Kechon is the only member from the beginning. On Sep Y2013 Shifon, Younapi, Ano joined to Yurumerumo and all the existing members came into the group at that time. The variety of tunes focus on new wave, but also include other categories of music style such as electro, krautrock, shoegazer, hardcore, hip-hop, ambient, techno e.t.c. Y2017 became the 5th year anniversary of Yurumerumo, Yurumerumo released 3rd full alubum『YOUTOPIA』on 29th Nov 2017 and performed their live-performance successfully at Zepp Tokyo on 6th Jan 2018. On May Y2018 They released the best album including a collaboration tune with Rapper DOTAMA and went around Japan for a tour. During this tour they joined into "Summer Sonic 2018", "FREEDOM NAGOYA", "Shachi Fes", "WakeUpFestival(Taiwan)", "TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL", "@JAM EXPO", Magurock Fujisonic", "Peanuts Camp", "RESORT JAM", "Yatsui Fes" e.t.c. Yurumerumo is also popular overseas and held a live-performance more than 10 times in Vietnam, Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Korea. They released a new single『NEVER GIVE UP DRUNK MONKEYS EP』 and held a live tour at Zepp Tokyo on 5th Jan and at Zepp Namba on 26th Jan. Now they become a popular topic of conversation, because of their collaboration with many apparel brand such as Bandai, Village Vanguard, Kinglymask, Sex pod, Listen Flavor e.t.c. for 5 year anniversary.
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Q Japan
Q Japan 12/5/22 10:40 PM
"楽しい曲ですねー。 FBで「天才ばかばんど」というグループを運営しているので もしよかったら参加して投稿してくださいねー。 追加して自己紹介でメンバー登録完了です。"
Finn Laus Petersen
Finn Laus Petersen 10/3/22 11:30 PM
Ohashi Atsuyoshi
Ohashi Atsuyoshi 9/17/20 12:59 AM
"I like it."
Tim Gordon Menzel
Tim Gordon Menzel 2/14/20 11:34 PM
"Like it but would love to help with the sound... Could be better for such an audience!"
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 8/26/19 11:19 AM
Geradin Foster
Geradin Foster 8/25/19 10:39 PM
Ronaldo chagas
Ronaldo chagas 8/24/19 12:05 PM