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Born in Palermo on July 15, 1982, zodiac sign Cancer. From an early age he manifested a passion for music and the show and began his career appearing in several auditions for local and regional broadcasters, television and radio for wire job, but with poor results. He began to study singing passing from opera to modern polyphonic; in modern singing she is his greatest passion and deepens as the study of this type of music, studies that currently continues, never happy with the results, always looking to improve his singing performance. A singer with a powerful highly sought soprano vocal range of content, beginning in 2008 his career as a singer singing in local Palermo and private parties. At the end of 2009 knows Rossana Barbarossa, known singer and talent scout who does participate in a song festival held in Rome January 17, 2010, which will then be subsequently broadcast on TV, where he presented the song "IO CANTO" in tribute to his singer favorite, Laura Pausini. Always for the same talent scouts will return to perform in Rome in another event also televised on May 15 of 2010. In February 2012 he started working with the musicians Alessandro and Felice Severa with whom, as a songwriter, wrote and produced several tracks including the song "CANTO PER DIRTI CHE TI AMO" which, from 2 May 2012, is distributed digitally by EDIT labels and GIBIS MUSIC MUSIC PRODUCTIONS and in rotation on several radio. In May 2012 enter contests "HYUNDAI MUSIC AWARDS 2012" organized by the record company "UNIVERSAL MUSIC" and the 2012 "Award Bindi" with the songs "E SE ADESSO STAI PIANGENDO" and "SOLTANTO IPOCRISIA" products from the collaboration of musicians Felice and Alessandro Severa and lyricist Alessandro Naccarato. In July 2016 he released his first solo album, which contains 14 tracks produced in collaboration with other authors and composers, entitled "PASSAPORTO PER L'INFERNO", in rotation from September 1 on different radio, fm and web, across the National territory.

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