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Recording Studio
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English   Italian  
Music Producer   Record Label   Remixer & Studio   Audio Engineer  
Metal   Blues   Gospel & Religious   Punk   Instrumental   Jazz   Ska   Soul   Country   Musical   Rock   Jingles   Brit-Pop   Classical   Spoken   Folk   Funk   Hip-Hop  

Personal profile

Fascinated by recording audio since I was a child, now I own and run my own studio in Milan.

Company profile

Digital recording studio in southern Milan, Italy. 20 sq meters recording room that sounds really good, variable acoustic response, fully set up (Yamaha Stage Custom drumkit, Yamaha U1H piano, bass amp, 3x different guit amps, etc). Separate control room with PT HD3 system with Solid State Logic analogue summing, Control 24, KRK VXT8 & Yamaha MSP5 monitoring, top quality analog frontend, outboard and mics.