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Trepan Records is the production and publishing company created by the founding members of One-Way Mirror and Lyzanxia, David and Franck Potvin. The brothers started Trepan Records at the time they recorded their first Lyzanxia album, 'Eden', to enable them to negotiate directly with national and international partners with the aim of protecting the interests of their bands and of propelling them onto the international scene. Since its inception Trepan Records not only financed and produced several Rock and Metal albums, but it also negotiated and obtained licenses and distribution agreements with distributors Wagram, and Season Of Mist, as well as with labels Listenable Records, and XIII bis, and international players such as famous independent label Metal Blade with whom Trepan signed a license deal for One-Way Mirror, as well as Chicago-based label Pavement Entertainment, and Reality Entertainement (Los Angeles, USA), and King Records and Soundholic (Japan), and Scarlet Records and Worm Hole Death (Italy). Today Trepan Records develops its activities by signing other groups and artists in publishing contracts. The company actively supports the French musical scene and continues to contribute to its development and to its recognition at the world level.