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How I got into music? I grew up in a very musical family. As a little boy I had many opportunities to listen to my six years older brother playing the piano. He was due to his absolute pitch capable of even the most complicated and demanding pieces he had heard somewhere, faithfully re-enact the first time. As I admired him in all things, it was almost a logical consequence that I also wished to become a good musician. I probably have unconsciously learned a lot from him in that time. Above all, I learned to listen. With about 9 years I first came in touch with the sound of my other musical heroes, The Beatles. Up to now, they embody for me a unique combination of originality, musicality and concentrated creative collaboration, not to mention their stylistic range. There was almost nothing else I put on my turntable in that time... At age 11 I got my first saxophone, an alto sax, took 2-3 years of teaching, but found that playing music from sheets was a difficult thing for me. In this regard I am pretty amateurish up to now. But when I think of it, I must admit that primarily I am simply not in the mood of doing it ... A few years later I made the first experiences in school bands of different styles. The most important experience in this age was that making music on the principle of "faster, higher, stronger" to impress others with it, at least soon led me to my limits. Who does not know this feeling, I explicitly recommend to have a try to play the LP "Captured Live" by Johnny Winter (of course in full volume) including all the guitar solos on the saxophone. At home, our neighborhood "was very amused" ... Frustrated, I put the saxophone aside for about 5-6 years, and taught myself playing bassguitar. This also was advantageous that as a bassman of a band I could not be so easily sacked, because a bass is now time always needed. I played rock, hard rock and for some years in a blues trio in the late 90's. In parallel, I earned good money in an oldie rock'n'roll cover band and made plenty of stage experience in that time. Starting playing saxophone again in 2005, I was playing the Bobby Keys' part in a Rolling Stones cover band for some years since 2007(Tenor Sax, Small Percussion, Harp, background vocals). In recent years, I learned myself also a little playing guitar. From 2009 - 2013, I was a member of a jazz-funk-wave-soul-band called "Sunny Sie up". Since late 2013 I am more and more merged in writing and recording my own songs and I am very curious about it as for the future... As a musician, I am intuitive and passionate, like to improvise and want to create and capture special moments. Even while writing the songs I usually follow my intuition and am open to all different kinds of music. This openness is also reflected in my lyrics again, where I try to capture feelings, moods and atmosphere in metaphors. In my view the process of writing a song is finished when words and music are atmospherically close together and form one unit. What style of music do I like? Music that breathing My motto as a musician: Close your eyes ... stop thinking ... and listen to what comes ...

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