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Concert Promoter   Distribution   Management   lyricist   Composer   Booking   Remixer & Studio   Artist   A&R   Vocalist   Film/TV   Audio Engineer   PR Agency   Promotion   Gaming   DJ   Singer Songwriter   Songwriter   Recording Studio  
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Contact me your own high quality trap rap/hip-hop music production. I also manage artists from all around the world and get them booked, as I got great industry contacts. I take care of the whole production of your track: -Arrange, Mix and Master everything, from the instrumental to the vocals I´m also open to record some sung hooks, or write songs for you. Just hit me up. ▼ – –

Company profile

Producing for three years on my own now, I invented unique methods in producing music. High quality rap and hip-hop instrumentals and electronic dance music since 2011. It all began at the age of 11, when I started to play the drums in a metal band. After I felt that it was time to learn a new instrument, I started learning to play the guitar by myself, based on the feeling for rythms, I always got and improved by the drumming. In this time the music I listened to and practiced was Black-, Death Metal and some Ambient, which are still influences of my musical productions today. Because I couldn´t feel those genres anymore and my musical interests began to grow more and more into other genres I ended up in producing my first music track “Cosmic Spherez” which also was the first name of my electronic music project “Michel Geißdorf”, which isn´t active at the moment. Fascinated by the idea and possibilities of composing and producing music by myself, I worked hard every day to improve my skills and the audio quality. This process took me into the rap and hip hop genre, because I wanted to work together with other artists and it was always part of my life. I am now able to offer high quality and professional music productions for artists and got a great community of talented musicians. //