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Personal profile Cultural production, concerts and musical events Cultural content creation CONTENT CREATOR Insta - @luluculturalinfluencer Subscribe to the shows channel -LuciaProçõesCanaldeshows Additional Information Cultural Producer. - Cultural Influencer Disclosure of artists for concerts and events. Instrumental Music, Programming for Cultural Spaces. Visibility actions for artists, in addition to the traditional media. Curation for Festivals. Administration of social media for artists. Instagram- @ produceralucia @LuLuCulturalInfluencer Twitter - Pinterest- LuLu cultural agenda - International agenda See less Curator of the EcoSocial Institute - Music in the dialogues. Creator of the Vibraphone festival - SÓ Vibras- 2016- 2017-2018 Selected as finalist of the 2018 Music Professionals Award - 2019 BRAZILIAN JURY OF THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE SONG OF SERRA DA ESTRELA (FICSE) - 2018 - 2019 PROTEST SONG FESTIVAL JURY (online) with transmission via Youtube and TV 247 Executive producer of the book “Uma Árvore da Música Brasileira“ Launched by the publisher SESC - authored by Guga Stroeter. Curator of the websites: BIM (Brazilian Instrumental Music) and Podcast “Na Agulha do Vinil” COURSES (recent to update) . Specialization in Stage Photography . Cultural production (Itau Cultural) . Cultural MKT - (Google) Mkt Digital - Sebrae National Articulation of Cultural Emergency (School of and University of Cultural

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