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running hybrids

  • May 6, 2021
    • Soul
  • Band
running hybrids
  • Soul
Type Band
Country Austria
  • German
  • Live
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Release Oct. 2015 on the successful German label. "7Jazz" Stuttgart/BRD Why actually "compilation"? While composing, we noticed that our songs sometimes sound soulful, then funky or even jazzy. So we tried to find exciting voices for each piece. The eleven tracks in total feature several female vocalists, including Meena Cryle, Marjorie Etukudo and Stella Jones-the daughter of bebop trumpeter Carmell Jones. The fact that "Compilation", despite its alpine setting, nevertheless has an American flavour is due to my socialization. I spent a few years of my childhood in Staten Island, New York with my grandmother. The origin of the "running hybrids" goes back to 2005.At that time I already gathered a bass player and a drummer around me. The trio was called "wilful". From "wilful" formed the "running hybrids", now consisting of double bass, drums , saxophone and keyboard as well as various guest vocalists.The formation can be seen live on a regular basis. the "running hybrids" have already played at the Jazzfestival Frankfurt, the Bavarian Jazzweekend and the Jazztage Baden in Austria. Whoever find time in the tour schedule, plays with us, among them are also real greats like Tommy Böröcz, who has already played with Jaco Pastorius and Joe Zawinul, among others, or David Piribauer, a former drummer of Beyoncè sister.
RH SHORTCUTTS 090415_03_get loose DPM a (Kopie)
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Georgina Hilton
Georgina Hilton 9/18/16 5:14 PM
"Good groove"
Katrin Butt
Katrin Butt 8/27/16 3:51 PM
Madam Tone Tasha
Madam Tone Tasha 8/13/16 12:39 PM
"Sehr cool!"
Ritchy (Richard) Bergmann
Ritchy (Richard) Bergmann 5/7/16 12:36 AM
"Das groovt !"
Gerhard Hosp
Gerhard Hosp 3/30/16 11:06 AM
"Tolle Nummer"
Paul van Ackeren
Paul van Ackeren 11/6/15 1:44 PM
"Feiner Soul!"