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Singer Songwriter
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Spanish   English   Italian   German  
Artist   Recording Studio   Music Producer   Composer   Vocalist   Singer Songwriter   Remixer & Studio   Songwriter   Audio Engineer  
Rock   Brit-Pop   Experimental   Pop  

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RATio is the independet Austrian Singer/Songwriter Johannes Seywald, who has an extremely strong urge to making artistical and accessible music at the very same time. At the age of one, his parents learned -much to their surprise- that he could already sing parts of a famous Christmas song. The early encouragement and education by his father - a music professor and conductor - and the possibilities to join different choirs put him in the position to get into a large variety of classical music. However his true passion has always been pop and rock music. Being bored and dissatisfied with most music that was around, he started to write and sing to his own songs. From the first minute on he wanted to create timeless melodies, unique and beautiful songs that would not only make an immediate impact on the audience but would also last. Over the years he has written many songs and only the best are now available on his debut album Horizons