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Walls Caving In

  • Nov 17, 2019
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Walls Caving In
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Walls Caving In is a song by Drop On Place and Rapper, Haze Bonafide Swank released under Indie label, Drop On Place Records based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The song can be classified under/as Conscious Rap and RnB with vocals by singer/songwriter Mayibongwe on the chorus, and rapper Haze Bonafide Swank on both verses. The song was released around about the time when South Africa was taking public a stand against Gender-based violence. The movement made it only right for us as musicians to create a song based on the struggle faced by the victims of gender-based violence as our token of support. So the song is basically a story about 2 women who fell victim to such hate crimes, whose struggles we have witnessed in Tshepisong, the township we grew up in. Tshepisong already is notorious, thus gender-based violence is even worse considering the gangsterism and drug addiction which often prove to be the leading factors contributing to the problems we face on a daily basis.
DOP ft- HAze Bonafide Swank - Mayibongwe(Prod By. Nocturnal Tunes)
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