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Sam is the Founder, President/Chairperson & Chief Executive of Cometsa Group, an organization made of commercial and development. The flagship member company of Cometsa Group is Cometsa Human Capital Investments, covering the following areas: Recruitment & Talent Management, Human Capital Consulting, International Talent Mobility, Learning & Development, Work Integrated Learning Facilitation, and Executive Coaching & Mentoring. Before Sam went full time on Cometsa Group he was Regional Human Resources Director: Sub-Sahara Africa at Motorola SA (Pty) Ltd, reporting into the Middle East Africa Region in Dubai. He is the former Manager: Centre of Expertise-Group Diversity Management at Sasol Group, responsible for Employment Equity, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Black Economic Empowerment (from HR perspective), Accelerated Leadership Development Programme (ALDP), and Sasol HIV/Aids Response Programme (SHARP). Before joining Sasol, on the 1st December 2002, Sam was with ABSA Group for seven years (10/1995-11/2002) as the Group Consultant: Employment Equity. He worked Siemens AG (Cologne, Germany) as Corporate Trainee for two years, and Siemens Ltd (Johannesburg, South Africa) as Commercial Administrator, and later Head of Commercial Training for three years. Sam has a strong Commercial Administration background after training and working in Germany over four years (1988 – 1992). He did his training at Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (Cologne), Kuehne & Nagel Luftfracht GmbH (Frankfurt International Airport), Lufthansa German Airlines Aircargo Centre (Frankfurt International Airport) and Siemens AG (Cologne) in Germany. Sam is fluent in German Language and has the following German Language qualifications: Diplom Deutsch (Studiengemeintschaft Darmstadt) and Zertifikat Deutsch Stufe 5 (Carl Duisberg Centre Cologne). He qualified in Certificate in Commercial Administration from the Commercial Advancement Training Scheme (CATS – South Africa German Training Services), Bachelor of Commerce degree in Transport Economics & Business Management (UNISA), Certificate in Sport Management (Allenby), Certificate in Sport Psychology (Intec), and Level 1 Soccer Coaching Certificate (South African Football Association). Global 2010 Events: Sam Tsima was one of the panelists at The Global Thought Leaders session on Friday, 11 June 2010 at the Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. Current Board Memberships: • Chairman of the Executive Committee (EXCO) & Country Representative: Arterial Network South Africa, • Board Member of South Africa German Training Services (in association with the Southern African German Chamber of Commerce & Industry), • Board Member of Commercial Advancement Training Scheme (CATS), in association with the SA German Chamber of Commerce & Industry, • Member of the Executive Committee (EXCO) of the Southern African Society for Cooperative Education (SASCE), • Member of the College Council, Central Johannesburg College of Further Education & Training, • Member of the Annual Convention Organizing Committee, Institute of People Management (IPM), • Appointed to serve on the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council’s 2010 Europe,Middle East & Africa Committee,; Arlington, VA, U.S.A. This is a 2 year appointment, beginning this calendar year and expiring December 31, 2011. The committee is a “global think tank” that spans geographies and professions. The discussions at the committee meetings are robust, and the intelligence from them provides Worldwide ERC with an understanding of global and regional issues and trends, leading to services that will be of benefit to all the Worldwide ERC members. In 2009, Sam established a Human Resources consulting arm of Cometsa Group, Cometsa Human Capital Investments, covering the following areas: • Recruitment & Talent Management • Human Capital Consulting • Global Talent Mobility & Immigration Services • Learning & Development Academy • Work Integrated Learning Facilitation, and Cooperative Education Consulting • Coaching, Mentoring & Advisory Services

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Cometsa was established on the 1st August 1997, initially as a non-profit sport development organization. It has since diversified into other areas development. The profit making operations, offered under Tsima Cometsa Management, were introduced in the second half of 2008. Our Philosophy states: We apply our Minds to the Journey that takes us to our Destiny (The Mind; The Journey; The Destiny). The Vision is to work toward the future that will become an inspirational legacy for many generations The Cometsa Philosophy is entrenched and Vision achieved by (Cometsa Mission): Developing the people from rural and urban communities into becoming socially responsible entrepreneurs & leaders, guided by the universally accepted social enterprise development philosophies, social entrepreneurship movement and networks. Embracing the social entrepreneurship, forging national and international alliances (with like-minded associates) in implementing our marketing models, and ensuring strong Cometsa presence at national and international public forums that are relevant to our businesses; and volunteering Cometsa expert knowledge when required by public and private institutions that are charged with formulating and revising policies and legislations. All Cometsa organizations adhere to the following Values: Promotion of diversity; Creation of harmony; Inter-cultural understanding; Entrenchment of professionalism; Encouragement of creativity; and Commitment to efficiency. Cometsa strives to achieve the following long-term business objectives: Develop the talent for the current and future business challenges; Prepare the talent through the vocational academies of Cometsa and external associates; Employ the youth through on the job training at Cometsa (dual training approach), to ensure long term employability; Purposefully create development and growth space for the youth at Cometsa; by appointing them into roles based on their potential and taking them through career paths tailor made to occupy positions of management and leadership; Grow and develop our own customers and markets; and building long term relationships; Ensure the implementation of a progressive Service Centres managed by Cometsa Shared Services; and develop Cometsa Resource Centre and entrench reading, studying and continuous learning (life-long learning) as corner stone of Cometsa organizations. Cometsa Human Capital Investments (CHCI) is a business unit of Tsima Cometsa Management and is offering the following services: Learning & Development, Human Capital Consulting, International Talent Mobility Services (including Immigration Services) and Recruitment/Placements & Executive Search Cometsa Mafrika Creative & Artistic Units is made up of the following units:  Cometsa Mafrika Music Enterprises (Cometsa Mafrika Records; Cometsa Mafrika Band; Cometsa Mafrika Studios; Cometsa Mafrika DJs; Cometsa Mafrika Choristers; Cometsa Mafrika Smart Girls; Cometsa Mafrika Production/Engineers; Cometsa Mafrika Publishers; Cometsa Mafrika Distributors)  Cometsa Mafrika Film Producers  Cometsa Mafrika Artists Management  Cometsa Mafrika Poets Cometsa Mafrika Band was launched on the 20th January 2007, at Klopper Park Community Hall, Kruin Str, Klopper Park, ISANDO, South Africa, during the Cometsa Nexus 2007 live show. The President/Chairman & Chief Executive of Cometsa Group, Sam Tsima, established Cometsa Mafrika Band. He has always been passionate about development people, communities and organizations (public and private). Vision of Cometsa Mafrika Band: From the Beginners to the Maestros we stand for the bigger vision of the Cometsa Group: The Mind - The Journey - The Destiny. We apply our minds to the journey that takes us to our destiny. Mission: Carry the vision of Cometsa to the general public. The Mind – The Journey – The Destiny (Be the voice of Cometsa, Thrills Cometsa friends and supporters, Play key role in the development and promotion of the African music: • Give the exposure to the youth talent in music (Cometsa Mafrika Band – The Beginners), • Ensure continuous improvement and growth of our music talent (Cometsa Mafrika Band – The Up & Coming), • Show case the African music talent to the continent and the world (Cometsa Mafrika Band – The Best & Brightest), and • Delight the general music public in South Africa, the continent and the world (Cometsa Mafrika Band – The Maestros). Cometsa “RELEASE” Concept: The formation of Cometsa Mafrika Band did not happen by chance. It was formed as part of implementing the now famous Cometsa “RELEASE” Concept of life balance for the Cometsa Group. Music genre: Afro – Jazz, Afro - Traditional, Afro – Soul, Afro - Poetic (collaboration with Cometsa Nexus Poetry Network), Afro – Gospel, Afro – Instrumental, and Variety. Production: The band produces its music at Cometsa Mafrika Music Studios (a division of Cometsa Mafrika Creative & Artistic Units).