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Rndtwinz(Raynald mpali,Reginald mpali) was born on 5 june 1991 in kimbarley,De Aar.South africa.they started singing when they was only ten years the time when they was 13 years old,they attend at various school talent shows,weddings,and partys etc. when rndtwinz reach high school,they was already grade 10 they started to except music as they career not only as they talent,so they started they own local records where they form a group with the name "blackdiamondz".the crew did record a few mixtapes and beform it all over they town.they was the first crew in they town who songs was played on the radio.the rndtwinz was also famous for they exstrodonary dance style.they also owned a dance crew by the name "blackdiamondz". In they martic year (2010),they drop they first solo hiphop underground mixtape,where they calaborate with a few underground local artist,such as,special-boy,d-troy,ect.the mixtape did infact very well,becouse the rndtwinz was on the production side.the guys did write and produce they own music.they even was pronouns as the best dress up guys on they matric farewell. In 2011 After graduating from high school.they moved to cape town,(paarl) to reach they music career. where they recorded they first two R&b hot singles,'your the one' and the hit track 'confused'. fast facts: How, when and why did you start out with music? we start doing music since we was 10 years old,ever since than we never thought of giving it up, and never is not just a hobby for us,it's our career. What or who are some of the influences in your music? our father is a influence on our music,becouse he played guitar back in his days.some of our influence was also usher,becouse of the dance style that he brings to his fans and that realy inspires us also to bring a unique kind of dance style to the floor. What is your motivation to keep making music? our motivation for music isn’t what many aspiring artists’ is.we don’t really care for all the money and cars, or girls. for us is more about the love for the game and the pation. Why is your music hot? our music is hot becouse its diffrent from all they other artist.our music is strate out of a twins sperspective.nobody can't ever try to jack our swag,the twinz said.meaning they style of music is diffrent and can't be copy becouse they are "twinz" Where do you think your music is headed? first our music is on a international level and we plan to keep it that way,now a days is a 'click' a way for somebody to be famous,becouse of the internet and the social networking.

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