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Martin Willem Jooste was born on 13 September 1986 in Dundee Newcastle. At the age of 10 started playing classical guitar and soon when on playing school shows, competing in groups & solo invents at the University of Witwatersrand placing 2nd and 3rd for his age group. In 2005 the interest caught up to him again but this time it was for the passion of bass guitars and rock music. Most of 2005 went in learning what it was been in bands, playing cover songs, and performing in front of people. 2006 he was introduced to heavy metal and formed a group called ‘Blitzkrieg’, the band performed in a battle of the bands hosted by the local people from the community and when through to the finales in Bronkhorstspruit, “Blitzkrieg” came 3de in the battle. But due to being you things didn’t work out with the band In 2007 he moved to Middleburg Mpumalanga where he joined an Indy rock band called “Chronicle Play” ( ) and that was where the passion really kicked in. Chronicle Play performed most of time in the Johannesburg & Pretoria area. The band played a few battles and came 2nd in the Meloney’s rock fest battle. “Chronicle Play” also performed at the “World record attempt for old President Nelson Mandela’s birthday card launch”. 2009 Martin moved the Kensington Johannesburg and started with full time music studies at the Campus of Performing Arts where he currently completed his 2nd year Diploma. 2009 he involved in formed the group “Soul Shuga” witch boke new boundary’s in the camps as all the students at the time was rock and metal orientated, and “Soul Shuga” being a “Afro-Groove” band with a diverse set of member mad everybody rethink the way they stared band, He also teamed up with the Afrikaans band “Thys Nywerheid” and performed with acts like Jack Hammer, Bacchus Nell In 2010 Martin was give the opportunity to join the rock group “If 6 was 9” and this is where things started rolling out, Being Mentored by Mr Peter Vee himself and working with great producers in the likes of “Verny Schols(Just Jinger)” and “Brain O’Shay” he learned a great amount of what is required to be full time in the music industry. He went on numerous tour with the group to pleases like Istanbul and England in 2011 and a Full South Africa tour in late 2012. In the beginning of 2013 the group sadly called it quits after some dispute, The group released the single and video called “Hippie Days” and was standing on no1 in South Africa and UK Reverbnation chart of more than 5 months reaching a following of over 80 000 likes of Facebook. In mid-2013 Martin teamed up with the rock groups “Holly and the Woods” and is performing in shows like “Pink Girl Fest”, “Rock Down Harare” And “Kranked Up fest” later in 2013. You will also find Martin performing for the group “Seven Side Story” whom is releasing there debut album and single(Underneath) in September 2013. And “Cupids Got a Shotgun” Witch is a self-driven project formed with former members from “if 6 was 9”

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Bassist for "Holly And The Woods" , "Seven Side Story", "Cupids Got a Shotgun" Former Bassist for "Thys Nywerheid" "If 6 was 9"