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Yolanda Duke Latin Jazz All Stars

  • Dec 7, 2014
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Yolanda Duke Latin Jazz All Stars
  • Jazz
  • Latin
Type Band
Country United States
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On Tour In 2015 Yolanda Duke Latin Jazz All Stars Ensemble Veteran Group Of Master Musicians Which Have Performed In More Than 40 Countries And Over 100 Cities In The USA. La Duke is better known for her travelings around the world as a guest artist of Tito Puente, and for her album tribute to La Lupe. She is also available with Special Guest Artists We are accepting offers for the 2015 touring season Available For Festivals, Concerts, Clubs, Casino, Private and Corporate Events Let us know your venue and budget. Routed Avails / Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall Tour Avails Reviews about Yolanda and her music from these standards are presented in a Latin jazz style and voiced in Spanish. The result of course, is a rare treat as The Great American Songbook goes Latino transforming recognizable melodies from familiar songs into gyrating Latin rhythms delivered by the booming vocals from a sensational singer. Opening with loud shouts from the orchestra, La Duke's crisp vocals reaches on a terrific interpretation of the classic Errol Garner standard "La Neblina De Tu Amor" (Misty), then turns soulful and spicy on the Cole Porter title track "Te Llevo Bajo La Piel." The Latin beat remains strong and percussive on the other Porter standard, "Eso Que Llaman Amor (What Is This Thing Called Love)" Eddward Blanco All About Jazz. Te Llevo Bajo La Piel - THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK GOES LATINO, with the big band orchestra of Tito "El Rey" Puente, featuring special guest artist, nine-time Grammy-award winning trumpet virtuoso, Arturo Sandoval, is a dream come true. Dreams can be mysterious, as well as rich, and compelling. It is the latter of these elements that inhabit 'esta latina que canta el estilo de las estrellas.' Add her luxuriant, deep voice, with its extraordinary tonal, and emotional range, plus vocal power, and it becomes clear why fans world-wide have given her the name, "La Duke. In the final analysis, the 'dance' always attends Latin music, and Duke's Spanish, and Italian interpretation of Domenico Modugno's (Dios, Como Te Amo!), and George & Ira Gershwin's ode to 'unavailable' love, (Nadie Me Lo Podra Quitar) "They Can't Take That Away From Me" place her squarely in her salsa element. But beware, she'll dance you out from under your skin; put you under the spell of "Salsa Queen" Celia Cruz, and in close touch with the Latin Soul of the esteemed La Lupe. C.J. Bond Jazz Music Ms. Duke can introduce a song at any pitch. There are times when she enters the lyric in the upper register, beginning her flight as if she were leaping off a far off promontory high up on a hillside. Then she appears to—as if she were a condor—catch a thermal, which is usually her own high C, and soar in the azure beyond. Ms. Duke is simply unafraid of leaping off the proverbial musical ledge and letting her lyric free fall, filled of course, by the powerful warm burst of air from her infinitely expandable lungs. She gets her power, of course from the bottom of her soul where the music and lyrics meet and churn a mighty wheel, mixing them for Ms. Duke to inhabit as if she were the protagonist of each song; as if the song were written for her. The crowning glory—or at least one of them—comes in the form of another exquisite bolero, “Contigo En La Distancia” a classic if ever there was one. Here Ms. Duke is at her absolute best as she matches the ingenuity of the ineffable trumpeter Arturo Sandoval. The trumpeter informs the song with a glow that only he can, from a burnished horn that seems to come alive at his touch. Yolanda Duke, for her part matches the trumpeter tone for tone and creates her own palette of colours so that the song floats on a diaphanous tapestry that swathes the rest of the album in colours and tones that continue haunting the listener long after the last notes of the Italian version of “Dio, Como Ti Amo!” die down. Danilo Navas The Latin Jazz Network.
01- Yolanda Duke -La Neblina De Tu Amor- (Misty)
03- Yolanda Duke & Arturo Sandoval -Contigo En La Distancia-
04- Yolanda Duke -Eso Que Llaman Amor- (What Is This Thing Called Love)
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