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Married, 2 kids, girl-13, boy-10, works as a property inspector contracted with large banks but heart and soul lies within the music. I aspire to present to the world this band of impressive, magnificent, and stellar musicians known as SAVAGE HENRY.

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Savage Henry was formed in Denver, CO, July 2004. They released their first full length recording of fourteen songs, All In, at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in August 2005. Named Band to Watch in 2005 by Xposure Magazine, they have performed over a hundred live shows for fans throughout Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming and Minnesota and have been featured on Colorado radio stations including 93.3 KTCL and 99.5 The Mountain. The CD, All In and Step Lively, can be found on several major music services including iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. Savage Henry immediately gained regional respect with their 2005 debut effort All In, an audio journal of the complexities of relationships pushing against the tide of temptation and self-realization. All In was recognized as one the year's most skillfully played and cleanly produced albums by Denver's alternative weekly publication, Westword. After launching All In at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater (in conjunction with the "Film on The Rocks" series), Savage Henry established their distinctive brand of alternative pop/rock tunes throughout the Midwest and West Coast regions, playing over 175 dates for the remainder of 2005 and 2006. By the end of 2006, Savage Henry picked up a nomination for a Westword Music Showcase Award in the Best Rock category, and then again in 2007, this time in the Best Pop category alongside recent Atlantic signing, Meese. 2007 saw Savage Henry inking a publishing deal, and choosing between vying producers for their follow-up album due for release in 2009. Drummer Mike Boyd joined Savage Henry in 2007, proving his talent and performance ability above a slew of auditioning drummers aching for a place in Denver's ambitious quartet. The members of Savage Henry understand that success in the music industry is more than just skillful albums and blistering live performances, so Savage Henry is an efficient business machine. Stuart Miller is a career guitar player living music through performing, teaching, and publishing placements, and is highly esteemed for his session work. In addition to maintaining the band's website and promotion online, bassist John Jeffers has earned praise for his skills in sound engineering and recording. Singer Damon Guerrasio's background in theater brings a unique, one of a kind performance, keeping the crowds rolling in. As a part of the successful "On Second Thought" (until their demise in 2004), Guerrasio has reached his artistic pinnacle as the intricate lyricist and eccentric frontman of Savage Henry. With regular touring, festival, and showcase performances, along with highly acclaimed Pink Floyd tribute shows (Wish We Were Floyd), Savage Henry continues to prove itself as an independent musical success. As shows regularly sell out in Colorado, Savage Henry has also developed sizeable followings in Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming. With 2009 the year that road-tested material presses to disc (2nd release), Savage Henry is well on their way to becoming a household name. We are not new to the music world - prior to becoming Savage Henry, band members have performed and toured nation and world wide with such acts as On Second Thought, Vertical Horizon, Cowboy Mouth, as well as enjoyed major television exposure on (FOX) "Party of Five" and (NBC) "Late Night with Conan O' Brian". Our diverse musical backgrounds allow us to write, record and perform together effectively, blending rock, funk, jazz, reggae, and ska creating a sound that is unique but also familiar and accessible. Think of the song-writing of Jack Johnson combined with the attitude of G-Love, combined with composition styles of bands like Maroon 5, Incubus and 311. RECENT ACTIVITY Savage Henry has been tearing up the alt charts at Roadrunner Records for the last 4 months straight. (6) #1 weekly chart positions (7) #2 weekly chart positions and at least 60 #1 and #2 daily charts. We have been turning some heads with the scouts at Sign Me To Roadrunner Records and have had 100's of great reviews from the members on the site as well as top marks from the TOP AFFILIATE SCOUTS who feel Savage Henry is a "very polished band with many great hooks" and "slick production, great mix, and awesome vocals" REVIEWS We've had hundreds of great reviews just like these in the last 4 months at SIGN ME TO ROADUNNER ‎Allen Cox of (Cox Rocks Radio Show) " Indeed :) I think probably Savage Henry is one of those few bands you hear that every song they record and release sounds good. They have an awesome style that I believe appeals to ears of metal and rock tastes everywhere. A band that is good to listen to - no question! Good musicianship and writing and production values--what's not to like? I highly recommend Savage Henry as a top notch indie artist. :)" ‎David Melanson (former reviewer for and now writes reviews for Femme Metal Webzine and producer of 4 compilations Femme Metal records) "You wanted a re-review, you got it. And it's better than before. This group continues to impress me with the talent on display here - the songs in the player are still of the absurdly-catchy style ("All In" is definitely something any fan of RHCP or Maroon 5 would love. I am not exactly a proponent of rap and I still liked the whole thing) and the video songs show off a little edgier side(really REALLY like both "300 Miles" and "Hero"), both of which are delivered extremely well. What I really like best are the nuances - sure, everything's ear-catchy, but if you listen closely for details you can keep hearing more stuff going on in the background to make you realize how much thought and effort went into crafting the songs (the second time I listened to "Alive & Kickin'," for example, it was strictly for the bass lines. Also loved the guitar lead in that one.) Keep it up, guys!" Andrew J. Liles (top affiliate scout at Roadrunner Records Sign Me To) "Savage Henry is a very polished band with many good hooks" Lisa Nash (Sun & Stars Management-United Kingdom also top affiliate scout at Sign Me To...) "Its commercial - its got a real cool groove and production is slick, the tracks have variety and an album of this would be great, the only thing I would change - location - come to UK so I can see what you are like live please" she has since heard all our tunes now and just LOVES this band Arndt Bussing (top scout Sign Me Too Roadrunner Records-also University Professor at Witten/Herdecke University from Germany) "So I came back after a while. Meanwhile I have listend to your CDs (old and new)... and I like what I hear. You have used this old-time funky style in a fresh way - pure fun. Songwriting is great, vocals have the bite, great guitar work - you know how to attract. Watch out: This band is worth to follow (instead the much too expensive RHCP, listen to a good band...). " Discography "All In"-2005 All In Daisy Place in the Sunshine Alive & Kickin' Monkey Mischievious Ring Presenting Me Can't Get Enough Always Werewolves and Redheaded Devils Into You 40oz. Remedies Down To This Vocals and Lyrics-Damon Guerrasio Guitars & vocals- Stu Miller Drums & Percussion- Mike Rice Bass- Ryan Morrow Keyboards- Jeremy Lawton Produced, Recorded & Mixed by: Mark Obermeyer & Savage Henry at Ruby's Studio (Denver, CO) July 2005 Exec. Producers Dave Redmond & Alan Miller Additional Engineering and Mastering by: Justin Preston at Dragon Studios "Step Lively"- 2009 A Shot in the Dark Broken Melody Unrequited Death of Me Vice Bound High Times Hero Call on Me 300 Miles Vocals and Lyrics-Damon Guerrasio Guitar and Vocals- Stu Miller Guitar- Glen Esparza Bass and Vocals- John Jeffers Drums- Mike Boyd Produced by Savage Henry and Duane Lundy Recorded by Duane Lundy at Shangri-La, Lexington KY and John Jeffers at Atomland (Denver, CO) Mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room (Ft. Collins, CO) All music copyright Savage Henry LLC. Video HERO -tribute to Memorial Day and all fallen soldiers around the world 300 MILES-real news footage from our accident with FED EX truck on tour Fandalism...2 live acoustic performances for "Shadows in My Room" and "Melody" from 2009 cd "Step Lively" LINKS Sign Me Too Roadrunner Records website Reverbnation.....(4 new tracks from "Step Lively"-2009 and 2 tracks from "All In" -2005) www.reverbnation,com/savagehenry cd "ALL IN" 2005 can be played here page.....