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Stary Olsa

  • Feb 6, 2020
    • Instrumental
  • Band
Stary Olsa
  • Instrumental
Type Band
Country United States
  • other
Perfect for any film with knights, swords, or castles. Stary Olsa is a full Medieval/Renaissance orchestra, playing only historically-informed music on actual ancient instruments. Lute, Cistra, Reed Pipes, Darabuk, Bagpipe, Rebek, Gusli and more, for a deeply authentic atmosphere. Band is from Minsk, Belarus, and has hundreds of songs on 15 albums. Peasant dances, bawdy drinking songs, mystical ancient melodies and epic ballads about battles and knights--they have a song for every mood. Previous licensing on Nickelodeon, The History Channel.
Stary Olsa-Driygula
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Senya Palmer
Senya Palmer 3/10/20 5:33 PM
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Achim Wierschem 2/8/20 12:12 PM