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Singer songwriter, Ronnie Gainey has a unique writing style that leaves his fans longing to hear what he'll create next. From tug-at-your-heart ballads to foot stomping high energy country, he has a niche for pulling you right into the moment of the song. NSAI song evaluator stated, “The writing is very strong and so is the imagery!” Another critique artist stated, “ I can’t wait to hear more!” Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL, Ronnie’s passion for songwriting began when he was ten. Hardships, humble times and unfortunate circumstances from childhood through adulthood have given him plenty of material to feed his creative mind. As he moved into adulthood his zeal for being a songwriter was the only consistent thing in his life. He moved his family to Clarksville, TN to be closer to the Nashville scene in hopes of improving his writing skills to a professional level. He seized the opportunity to improve his craft and mingled with the masses of songwriter hopefuls that flocked to the Music City. Ronnie attended many songwriter nights. As he began to win songwriter showcases, he began to realize his songs were inspiring to more than just his family and friends. Unfortunately, family priorities forced him to move back to Jacksonville and he had to place his songwriting career on hold. Now, with a renewed passion, he is again trying to make a name for himself as an accomplished songwriter. Ronnie vigorously comments, “I will do whatever it takes to get my songs heard.”

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