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I am passionate, dedicated and determined International Public Relations Manager at Eva Dowd International Located in Boston, MA with my original focus in India , Pakistan, the Middle East and now the World. Often referred to as "The Angel" aka Rock's Guardian Angel for my work in sharing the message of Rock Music with the World from countries where rock music is often not accepted and even banned. To me and the Artists I work with as well as their fans Rock Music is not a type of music, but a way of life. I work very hard to create a personal bond with many of the featured and highlighted artists I represent, my featured artists perform together as a team to make their personal dreams and visions a reality. I take great pleasure sharing the passion and projects of Indie Artists with the world. My journey promoting music began a decade ago and today I have over 150,000 Musicians ,Industry Executives and Music Lovers from over 26 Countries following my social media Sites, a true testament of the Power of Music to globally unite mankind. Much of my time is donated to advance and promote the Indie Artists I have chosen to assist. I have additionally spent over two decades working in Senior Management in a Multi-Million Corporation in USA, which truly gives me a unique insight to planning, finances, marketing and branding in the business world, this knowledge greatly assists me with my artists with limited business experience. Just a Few Highlights of My Career….The List is Endless the Memories Priceless ♦ Member of the prestigious Grammy Recording Academy as Music Industry Professional. ♦ Member of ACIA Asian Think Tank of Industry Professionals united to move Indie Music Scene Forward Globally. ♦ AVIMA 2010 Awarded Music Champion of the Year for my work in South Asia with Indie Artists. ♦ Campaigning for Motherjane when they won Best Rock Band in Asia at AVIMA in 2009 and Qayaas when they swept IndieGo Awards in 2012 winning Best Rock Band, Vocalist and Song. ♦ Coordinating with Amnesty International for their PEACE project for over 1 year where musicians from 58 Countries came together to Promote Peace through Music. ♦ Working with Myspace Executives and coordinating Motherjane launching their Myspace Music Portal and India’s 1st Myspace Concert. ♦ Helping Create Leads, Support and Promote and Numerous Concerts for my Artists including when Motherjane performed in Indonesia in front of 50,000 fans. ♦ The Video I co-produced Still Searching with Rainbow Bridge Studios composed and performed by Sanjeev T was named One Best Indie Videos in India in 2010, the co-produced Album Free Will which included that track went on to win other top Indie Awards in South Asia. ♦ Planning and Launching Music Video I believe in Jihad if Love is the Weapon which touched people around the Globe the Video was #1 Most Viewed and Discussed in Indian and #78 Most watched in the World within 24 hours of release. ♦ Spending a week on tour with the A.R.Rahman Team when Jai Ho came to USA. ♦ Promoting Shallum Asher Xavier Award for Song of the Year for Payam at LSA in 2011 and his recent China and Norway Tours and Motherjane’s recent tour in Ukraine. ♦ Assisting in bringing attention to Qayaas’s video with Atif Aslam on the well known Coke Studio which went Viral with 1 Million views in less than a month and was most watched video of Season 5. My Specialties and Focuses ♦ Social Networking with ongoing education including classes at Berklee School of Music for Marketing. ♦ Managing, Promotion and Consulting for all Social Media Sites for Artists including Facebook, You Tube, Myspace, Twitter, Sound Cloud, Pinterest and keeping my featured artist roster in the top 10 in their region at Reverbnation. ♦ Introducing Artists to new audiences around the Globe, everyone is a yet to be met fan, I excel at building and growing fan bases on social networking sites, Qayaas fan base grew from 2,500 regional fans to over 170,000 Global Fans in less than two years of my managing their sites. ♦ Networking with Industry Execs and Event Managers around the World to help create opportunities for shows, endorsements , collaborations for the Artists I work with ♦ Working with numerous prestigious Media outlets including Rolling Stone Magazine IN to showcase the artist’s, news music and videos and coordinating Interviews and handling correspondence between the artist , the press and the fans.

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To myself and the Artists I work with as well as their fans Rock Music is not a type of music, but a way of life. Eva Dowd is an Award Winning International Public Relations Manager, passionate, determined and dedicated to showcasing and bringing public awareness to talented Artists. Eva Dowd Productions International is all about the power of Music to unite the world in the one language we all share 'Music' with its passion and emotion that speaks to us all as individuals but unites as a global community no matter our native tongue, where we reside, our political or religious views music brings us together. Specializing in Artist Public Relations Management, Industry Networking to advance the Artist's career and assistance with booking One of a Kind experiences and promoting events for my Artists. I am fan of my Artists and passionate about sharing their music with the world, much of my time is donated to the artists I believe in. I excel in Social Network Management and growing fan bases that bond Fans to the Artists while allowing the Artist to focus on their gift to the world . Life Long Supporter of Promoting Original Independent Music World Wide Eva Dowd is located in Boston, MA USA and Member of ACIA Asian Think Tank of Industry Professionals united to move Indie Music Scene Forward Globally.