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Music Producer
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Dance Electronica
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French   other  
Record Label   Distribution   Composer   Remixer & Studio   Audio Engineer   Education  
Pop   Dance Electronica   House   Instrumental   Techno   Soundtrack   Unclassifiable   World  

Personal profile

My music is not your usual fare... I'm a classically trained pianist and composer, thus I approach music from that perspective. To me, a piece of music is akin to 4-course meal - the different flavours and textures, the respite between each course to cleanse the palate, a journey through depth and spices. My compositions tend to be longer and ask a bit more of the listener... we all survive in this rapidly paced culture of instant acquisition. I personally don't follow that mind frame. For you I ask to slow down, take a moment and relax.... savour the cuisine... "it's the flavour that holds the memory"... And now onto that bit about who I am... I am Lu, born in Lyon, France. Spent my childhood mainly on Mercer Island, suburb of Seattle, however traveled with the family and lived in Hawaii, Germany, France, England and India. I am of Finnish/French descent. Author, mosaicist, interior designer, events/stage management and composer. I have been HIV+ for over 19 years. I am a very chill. relaxed, bohemian kind of guy... having grown up all over the globe I was exposed to many different belief systems and cultures and it showed me a greater truth... everyone is running around trying to strive for unrealistic ideals and it's crazy... I just stand back, believe in equality and eat good food... what most people find important is in my view, simply off... what I love about music is it knows no gender, race, religion, sexual orientation... it does not discriminate, it never judges you... it simply heals and loves and brings people together... and to be a part of that idea is scared to me...

Company profile

The Land of Lu is not a traditional label. As a working musician, I completely understand the struggle to produce music. You knock and knock and are ignored over and over by people inside the room you are trying to enter. My goal is to help open that door… the rest is up to you. I also offer mastering services, remixing, and consulting on music (structure, composition, etc)