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A&R   Artist   Distribution   Publisher   Management   lyricist   Composer   Media  
R&B   Pop   Soul  

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DezMeawn Stewart is a retired professional athlete (NFL) taking advantage of his time by creating relentlessly - with courage, confidence, curiosity and an open mind. Attacking multiple endeavors, opportunities and ventures, he's extremely proud of what he's done in the music industry - though he's not done yet. DezMeawn has assisted in the production of over 30 released songs, with even more unreleased and still in production. He's written, distributed and published music for himself and other artists. He's also helped create and expand the brands of artists in the industry. These aforementioned feats aren't his only accomplishments in music, though. DezMeawn has been a part of over 5 tours, two being national tours with major recording artists Riff Raff (driver, merchandise specialist, content specialist) and DJ Paul (driver, hype-man, content specialist). DezMeawn continues to create and expand his versatility in the music industry.

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Unorthodoxs Media is a full service multimedia business dedicated to propelling brand exposure. Advertisements, social media campaigns, content creation, brand management and more. Unorthodoxs Media continues to successfully develop and increase brand awareness of multiple individuals and companies.