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Shortly after publishing the first edition of Toilet Paper People, she made the difficult decision to put a more normal life aside and recorded her first single, "This Time" in dedication to her lost childhood. In describing her overall mission, she focuses on themes like 'forgiveness,' 'purpose' and 'accountability'... especially as they relate to coping. It didn't take long for her mission to go viral and for us to hear about her project. When we asked Cherry Tigris if she was nervous about how her message was going to be received, we weren't at all surprised by her answer... "I'm not nervous because I'm honest about how I feel. I mean, how honest can someone get about what humans do to other humans...? Is there really a TOO honest or is there a TOO WEAK to hear about it? I'd rather be in the too honest category." The final edition of 'Toilet Paper People' will be available in paperback in November 2012 with a comic book expected early next year.

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Cherry Tigris (author, musician, anti-diva)