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Become closer to the artist, learn his Jamaican history, learn the music and culture. Shan Coleman has a new release single called "Fun" Awesome track, dancy, and fun to sing along with, Now Shan is one of the richest and most soulful vocal artists of the times, now giving birth to his new single “ Fun", released and now available in online stores for your downloads and streaming, click on the links for the artist's music, and thank you, for listening to Shan Coleman Radio on Spotify. Published by Shan Coleman, music link:…

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Nipleliplemusic Company, producing musical artists like Shan Coleman's passion speaks to an appreciation of music, the deep connectedness of the human experience, and love for himself and others. Life has taught him to trust; proving again and again that if you speak you will be heard. Hardship and struggle have given voice to his enduring spirit and gratitude. With a twinkle in his eye and a good rhythm on the guitar, Shan Coleman inspires us all to celebrate life to the fullest.