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Nemeton 3 is a one person project with William J Reifenrath on Acoustic Guitar, Irish Harp, Keyboard Synthesizer, Irish Flute, Irish Whistle, Bodhran, Percussion, and Drum Programming.

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Instrumental music for your mind, body and soul. Atmospheric. Moving. Soothing. Enchanting. Music For Aural Indulgence. Nemeton 3 music blends acoustic, electronic, ambient, celtic, new age elements in a lush soundscape that gives it a mystical, ethereal, otherworldly feel. Some of the music is great for relaxation and meditation. Some of the music is stimulating. But every song is meant to be a musical journey. Someone on You Tube commented on song with “Sounds huge! well done!”. Yes, that is the intended impact of Nemeton 3 on the listener.