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Proud of you

  • Aug 30, 2023
  • R&B
  • English
Main info
Genre R&B
Language English
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Calm
Voice female
Song Description
This song is about all being proud of yourself no matter what happens.
Proud of you (2)

Votes and comments

Jürgen J. Fischer
Jürgen J. Fischer 10/20/23 4:20 PM
jürgen zacharias
jürgen zacharias 9/10/23 11:28 PM
Kurt Seßler
Kurt Seßler 9/10/23 8:49 PM
"R&B at its best. Amazing song and message."
Koh Cyrus
Koh Cyrus 9/9/23 10:24 AM
"nice one"
Petra       Frankl
Petra Frankl 9/1/23 5:38 AM
"Yes, we should be proud of ourselves more often. The biggest critic is within ourselves. Great song"
Mario Christiani
Mario Christiani 8/31/23 4:16 PM