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Inspired by love and positivity, Theresa Kemp thrives from her stimulus to motivate and enthuse others. The 2015 Outstanding Woman of the Year for Community Service recipient has lived a life of conquest and tenacity that shines bright to all who meet her. Theresa was born in Brazil, but raised and currently lives in The Bronx, NY. She is most known for her community outreach and volunteer services, accomplishments within the music industry, marketing and advertising expertise, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Theresa is highly involved within her community and has a passion for helping others. Professionally, she has developed a solid portfolio that includes being CEO/President of Evalutionary Management & Music Promotions (E.M.M.P.Inc), Marketing representative for Street Hype Newspaper, Director of Marketing and Advertising Chief Business Correspondent for Reggae Planet Radio2177 , Ambassador of Health, and Senior advocate. Also, Theresa is the publicist for Lynn’s Kids, Saving Souls. Theresa believes that in order to succeed one must find something to hold on to, something that motivates and something that inspires. Not only has Theresa found that, but for many people Theresa is that. She proves that life is about recreating yourself. “I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down and that friend was God. God didn’t look at me for medals, degrees or diplomas but for scars. I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where God needed me to be,” she states.

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Evalutionary Management & Music Promotions Inc . is an incorporated company with the very best and latest in Roots and Culture Reggae Reggae Dancehall & Much More . E.M.M.P. ‘s mission is to support and promote up and coming independent artist,who are trying to gain exposure and global recognition. Our intention is to bring Roots and Culture Reggae Music to listeners across the globe. It’s also our mission to be the voice of positive artist old and new who are struggling to make it in this mine field,called The Music Industry,If you are amongst the masses that creat music because you have the love for it,E.M.M.P.Inc is ready and able to let your music be heard. We are a company who helps up and coming artist get their music out to protentail fans. . All in all we aim to free your mind and open it up to a world of good music … Theresa Kemp President/Ceo Evalutionary Management & Music Promotions Inc. EMMP Records inc Office 1-718-828-2540 Cell 1-347-777-0084 Avail 24/7