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Born to a mother that was told that it was biologically impossible for her to have children, Sky Colette was diagnosed as a tumor and not a baby. Her mother went to six different doctors and got six different opinions and the verdict was the same: she was not pregnant. Although she had no ovaries to produce a child, Sky Colette was birthed into this world as a healthy baby girl. From then on, her mother would always call her a miracle child and tell her that she was born for a reason. At the age of 2, her mom discovered that music was one of those reasons. Sky had an innate talent and ability to learn every song she heard. Every song that played on the radio, Sky knew it. From then on she was given the nickname, “Walking Karaoke”. She started writing music at the age of 11 and her music was so infectious that for years to come people continued to remember the words of her songs! Dorinda Clarke-Cole from the Clarke Sisters recognized her ability to create catchy melodies that stick in people’s heads when Sky sang at one of her conferences. The melody was so unforgettable, Dorinda herself with the help of the band started to sing the melody as well! She kept expressing to Sky that coming up with something that captivating was truly a gift that should not be taken lightly. With one of the most luxurious voices in the industry, Sky Colette’s voice always takes her audience on a journey to wherever they want to go. She continues to create some of the most addictive melodies ever to be written and she has gotten the attention of labels, music executives, and fans all across the world. Her debut album, Blue Rose, became an international sensation with songs like Don’t You Worry About Me, which caught the attention of radio stations across the country and in the UK, France, South Africa, and Germany. With her charisma, her infectious smile that lights up any room, her sexy voice, and undeniable penmanship, sky’s the limit for Sky Colette!

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