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With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment and music industry, I am passionate about creating and protecting original and diverse musical content for artists and audiences. As the CEO of MCM Online, I lead a team of experts and innovators who aim to build the first Internet music copyright protection ecosystem in Vietnam. I believe that music is a powerful and universal language that can connect, inspire, and empower people across cultures and backgrounds. That is why I am committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, transparency, and excellence at MCM Online, and to providing our partners and customers with the best solutions and services for their musical needs. At MCM Online, I oversee the strategic vision, direction, and growth of the company, as well as the development and implementation of our three main services: authorize for protection and distribution, build a copyright-protected music library, and audio watermark. I work closely with musicians, copyright owners, distributors, producers, and other stakeholders to establish and maintain long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. I also leverage my extensive knowledge and experience in the music industry to identify and capitalize on emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges. Under my leadership, MCM Online has successfully partnered with hundreds of artists and organizations, and has marked and protected millions of musical works and recordings on the Internet.

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Established on July 30, 2019, Music Copyright Management Joint Stock Company (MCM Media) aims to become the first Internet music copyright protection ecosystem in Vietnam. MCM provides 3 main services: Authorize for protection and distribution: Musicians/copyright owners can cooperate and become MCM's partners to protect copyright, authorize protection, management and TRANSPARENCY for business exploitation of music. music on the Internet. Build a copyright-protected music library for organizations and individuals. Audio watermark: Mark at no cost (digitally sign) on all recordings, musical works, audiobooks, podcasts to identify works for each musician, singer, distributor, producer in Vietnam.