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My name is Jan Åkesson, I am a producer, songwriter track writer based in Sweden. I approach all genres with the same philosophy of putting the song first and providing the best possible music and musicianship behind the recordings, and am as excited to work in Country-Pop as Metal or Dance, bringing my unique sound to the song.

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Unlimited Music Production is a music production company based in Furulund, Sweden. Initiated and owned by producer / songwriter Jan Åkesson, the studio is and has been the starting ground for various musical endeavors such as the swedish melodic hardrock band StoneLake with its seven releases up to date, and further - songwriter for the internationally known superproject Solna with members from all over the world, including multitalented singers such as Ralph Scheepers from metalact Primal Fear and Pamela Moore from Queensrÿche' franchise Operation Mindcrime. The first songs written and produced at Unlimited Music Production back in 2002 was a rare two track "Limited Edition" EP from the StoneLake ouevre, and later on, four fullenght albums followed, the latest being "Monolth", an album that was released in 2013. Unlimited Music Production offers an array of services for your recording project needs, for example: + Studio rates include the services of a qualified recording technician. + Pre-Production / Professional assistance from creative design to artist relations is provided in the preparation for your studio session. + Studio Musicians & Producers / Professional Studio Musicians as well as Producers experienced in all types of recording production are available. For more info regarding your project, please contact UMP.