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Different Vibes - Techno Trance

  • May 14, 2022
  • Techno
  • English
Different Vibes - Techno Trance
Main info
Genre Techno
Language English
Use for
  • Film
  • Commercial
  • Gaming
  • Compilation
master track available yes
Tempo up-Tempo
  • Danceable
  • Dramatic
  • Uplifting
  • Energetic
Voice male
Release date 2022
Release artist Dealazer
Licensing info
Can be licensed for movies games discos and much more.
Song Description
THX Quality. Very vibrant tracks and some offer unique vocals. Radio Ready Quality THX Razer Kraken Friendly. Contact for more information on how to license or use. Spotify Released Alien track Brain Washup ahh not released Ahh Whoh Whoh Wah not released
Dealazer - Castle of The Fate (2022 Extended Edit)
Dealazer - Castle of The Fate (2022 Short Edit)
Dealazer - Devastator Nasa
Dealazer & Alan - A Place Without Space (Final Edit 2022)
Dealazer - Cyperio The Great Billy 60
Dealazer - MethCommunication
Dealazer - Love For TriLLioN feat. Ragnarok & Dealazer & Ladies of Wonder Intro Doxchy
Dealazer & Alanisnotcool & DJ5ive - Willy Mix feat. Dealazer
Dealazer - Brain Washup ahh
Dealazer - Ahh Whoh Whoh Wah
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Votes and comments

Chalam +
Chalam + 6/26/22 3:16 PM
Aashish Rego
Aashish Rego 6/6/22 1:33 PM
"Not for the faint of heart .. unique stuff"
cesli vane
cesli vane 5/18/22 2:06 AM
"I was missing that - a tritonus appears in the intro theme. Uuhhh! So relaxing. I've enjoyed listening to your creations. Peace@joy from afar"
Keiji Goto
Keiji Goto 5/15/22 4:49 PM
Christine Ben-Ameh
Christine Ben-Ameh 6/6/13 8:40 PM