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  • Dec 11, 2017
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  • Band
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Type Band
Country Portugal
  • English
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Hailing from Caminha (Portugal), Brantner is a driven, passionate and charismatic band led by a duo with an unique approach to their music. Marco (from Portugal) and Evita (originally from Belgium) joined forces as partners in life and on stage, creating a direct and honest blend of alternative pop/rock, sporting influences as diverse as The Queen, U2, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Bonnie Tyler, Damien Rice, Bryan Adam, The James, Radiohead, Snow Patrol or Bon Jovi. The intimacy of a singer-songwriter act blends in with the energy of rock and roll in a personal and fresh way! Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of this story
Fire burning in my veins
Tomorrow I might just be dead
We don't feel that way
You can't be waiting mp3
Glory and fame
For something they say
I blame you
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