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Gospel & Religious
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A songwriter poet and lyricist. An aviator with a passion for safety of flight. I choose the expression of self through the searching for a path to testify the great mercies of God.

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ELINAY RHYTHM CENTER is a small community recording studio seeking to give a platform for people wanting to express themselves and pour out what is hidden within their bosom through music and all aspects connected. At ELINAY we say "Life is a Rhythm You Breath It"


  • New Post dated
    Jul 13, 2023
    • Composer
    • Accra
    • Ghana
Kennedy Blege
Requesting a promotional platform capable of pushing streams and increasing the fan base. for this music.
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You Love Me

  • Mar 2, 2023
  • Gospel & Religious
  • English
You Love Me
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Genre Gospel & Religious
Language English
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Happy
Voice male
Author Ken Blege
Release date 2023
Release artist Ken Blege
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He gave His life so I can have mine. He took me from the mired clay and set me on the solid rock. Yet daily the storms of life throw their darts at me and cause me to wander. Then in all the melee I remember, He Loves Me.
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Aviator, Author, Worshiper and a man seeking to touch the Heart of God
You Love Me
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Achim Wierschem
Achim Wierschem 3/7/23 7:08 PM