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- In 1981 and at the age of 17, I formed along with George Hayek, Fida Zalloom, and Tony Samaha, a band called "WILD HAZE". The band was formed during the climax of the Lebanese war which resulted in heavily affecting my ideas in Heavy Metal music. -In 1981 I created "GRG" ,THE GASSAN RAHBANI GROUP. "GRG" took the audience by storm specially with its one step ahead performances & stage appearances. - In 1990 the imposed "fake peace" in Lebanon pushed me to express my pain, thoughts & ideas in the Lebanese Language besides the English songs, defending ecology & criticizing authorities, Lebanese & Arab governors. - Between 1992 and 1995 GRG toured in an extremely successful Rock tour all over Lebanon performing 15 live concerts taking place in Summertime only. - The year 1996 was a big turning point in my artistic career. It was the year of my first historical rock opera musical epic "HANNIBAL" which I wrote & composed - I formed "The 4 CATS" band in late 1997. Until today "The 4 Cats" is still going strong with it's new image. -In 2000, I played the role of Judas in "And He rose on the third day" musical by Ossama Rahbani, written by Mr . Mansour Rahbani & directed by Marwan Rahbani. -In 2002 GRG released its Heavy Metal music video in Lebanese called "El Jamhoor Ayez Kidah" - February 2003 GRG released a special Valentine album and music video R'n'B style in English called "Without Ur Love" shot in Beirut. -In 2003 LBCI produced the GRG music video "Karn El Alfen" (part III of "Sent El Alfen", Song) Shot in Beirut in the BUS, the classical part shot in Saint Joseph Cathedral, Monot, with the collaboration of 100 Choir and 40 members of the Lebanese Symphonic Orchestra, this song was although written composed and arranged by myself and of course it was an honor for GRG to have Mr Elias Rahbani as a special guest in this music video. - In 2003 GRG released the "Al Bayda Wil Takshira" Album containing 15 tracks all in Lebanese, talking about politics, ecology etc...The album was produced and composed by Gassan. -In November 2003 I launched my new play called "Kama Aala El Ared, Kazalika ...Min Fawk", " On earth as above", at the Casino du Liban Theatre. -In 2006 GRG released its English Heavy Metal album called "www.redpeace.braindamage" containing 16 tracks from heavy to blues and ballades . In the same year ( 2006) I shot and performed the music video "Kermal laam Bimootoo" lyrics & music by Elias Rahbani. -In 2007 GRG released the political music video "el horriyeh bi'id el khawaja btejrah". The same year (2007) I signed the soundtrack of the 4cats movie "Lion and 4 cats". - In Spring 2008I wrote and released the music videos: "Nehna hon min 3ich" and "Bisharafkon Hada Yharkech". -In 2008 the Ghanni Maa Ghassan TV show was and still is a one of a kind music show for talented individuals and ranks as number one in ratings on both OTV and New TV. -In 2009 I directed the musical "EELA" which was written, composed and produced by Mr Elias Rahbani. The same year ( 2009) I produced and wrote the English music video "Come back to me" taken from the www.redpeace.braindamage album, and in 2009 GRG released their double album untitled " www.redpeace.braindamage" version 2. -In 2009 I produced and released the GRG trilogy DVD set, containing the complete series of GRG's music videos in a 3 DVD box. - In Summer 2010 along with Melhem Barakat, I launched our new musical play, "WAMINA EL HOBBI MA KATAL", " TOO MUCH LOVE KILLS" at the International Baalback Festival. -2011, I produced and released the "Ghanni maa Ghassan" album containing the songs he composed for the winners in seasons one , two and three. Late 2011 I released the double album entitled "Original Musical and Movie Soundtracks" composed, arranged and conducted by myself.

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Ghassan RAHBANI, aka Gassan, Creative, producer, song writer, composer, arranger, orchestra conductor, pianist & performer. I am a Pioneer of Heavy Metal music in Lebanon & the Middle East. I spent the first 10 years of my career exclusively producing writing & composing this genre of music.