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Music Producer   Artist   Composer   Songwriter   Recording Studio  
Instrumental   Easy Listening   Jazz   Latin   Jingles   Unclassifiable   Dance Electronica   Reggae   Pop  

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“My world comes alive in music and love” Toni Makhoul, Music Composer, Arranger, and Producer of both occidental and oriental music in various styles, says “my world comes alive in music and love”. Toni Makhoul’s passion and talent for music has led to the accomplishment of many musical contributions, and it is certain that there are still many more to come. His journey with music started at the age of 8 years when he received his first guitar. Since that time, he discovered a new world where thought and emotion can be expressed through music. With just over a year of formal guitar instruction, Toni independently learned to play many other musical instruments. He composes, arranges, and produces all his works by himself, and hopes to one day lead an orchestra in performing his work to a live audience. He is a member of SACEM (Society of Music Authors, Composers & Publishers) since 2007 and maintains all the rights to his works. Through his innate musical interest and abilities, Toni continues to challenge and reinforce his knowledge and contributions in this field. His music is always talking to the heart with a simple language that is easy to understand and difficult to miss. The basic characteristics of Toni’s music can be summarized as follows: -A melody that touches the heart. [Toni considers this as fundamental]. -Short time span (generally 2~3 minutes). -Appropriate arrangements and orchestration. [Toni says that this is very important as it will uplift the melody itself so it can reach the ears dearly and touch the heart warmly].

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