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As a Music Artistic Director at Leader Entertainment, I oversee the music programming and production of the company, working with a variety of artists, venues, and collaborators. I have a background in law, with a postgraduate course in modern commercial contracts, and I have worked in different areas of the music industry for over 16 years. My mission is to create and deliver engaging and diverse musical experiences for audiences and clients, leveraging my expertise in music production, artist management, press, TV and radio production, and entertainment law. I have produced and programmed more than 600 shows, including festivals, streaming events, and presencial concerts, working with local and international artists and brands. I have also contributed to the development and promotion of emerging artists in the country, as well as advised on the legal aspects of the music business. I am passionate about music and culture, and I enjoy collaborating with talented and creative teams.

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Leader Music is an Argentine company with 40 years of experience in music, initially focused on popular music (Lía Crucet, Karicia, Ricky Maravilla, Alcides, Sebastián, Pocho La Pantera, Grupo Green, Grupo Malagata, Antonio Ríos, Gilda , Walter Olmos and the group Ráfaga) In the 90s, licenses were acquired for the marketing in Argentina of catalogs from the Mexican record labels Disa, Balboa Récords, Musart, Luna Récords, Fonovisa and the Colombian Discos Fuentes. In this way, the materials of artists from the Mexican and Colombian tropical scene were marketed locally, such as Los Ángeles Azules, Rayito Colombiano, Los Bybys, Aniceto Molina, La Sonora Dinamita, Lisandro Meza, among others. Currently within the catalog we have La Konga (at this time the most popular band in Argentina), Banda XXI, Damián Córdoba, Lautaro Rodríguez, Valen Etchegoyen, Deborah Chauque, La Negra Azul, among others. Likewise, the company has its other division, Kids, since in 2011 and with the paradigm shift, the company decided to create the YouTube channel known as El Reino Infantil, which is the digital community for children, in Spanish, N°1 of the world