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Finalist winner at the John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2012 for his song “Buscaré Tu Sonrisa” Finalist at the USA Songwriter Competition 2012 for his song “Libertad” RUNNER UP at the Song of the Year Songwriting Contest 2012 for “Too Many Words” I’m a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, born in the Amazonian jungle of Peru. I’ve got two nationalities: Peruvian and Luxembourgian. When I was 17, I went to Spain where, musically, I grew genuinely. I developed my technique and own style, using the acoustic and electric guitar, composing at the same time for piano and bass. Now I ‘m 25. Since 2008 I was established in Madrid, Spain, as a professional musician. I compose, write and perform my proper songs. I play the first guitar and sing in English and Spanish languages. During these last years I was realizing concerts, mainly in Madrid as a singer/songwriter, and all over Spain as a member of “El Paso del Trueno”, “Ara Musa Honra”, “Sergio Vivar”, “Javiche” and other bands. My first demo-album “All I give” (2008), a high quality professional edition, was recorded and edited in Audiobit Studios in Valencia, Spain. It consists of ten songs in English and Spanish languages. This first album was recorded with Jesús Gabaldón, the bass of “Seguridad Social”, a famous band in Spain and even overseas, and Fafa Villa, former drummer of “Paulina Rubio”. Recently I became established again in the Peruvian amazon in order to create my new band with my brother Moisés Bowé: SUPREMACIA TERRENAL. Pop-Rock, Funk, Fusion. I realized over 200 shows all over Spain, either as the lead guitar of other bands or with my own band, over a three years period (2008 – 2011). These are the most notorious concert halls in Madrid, Spain, where I’ve performed: Galileo Galilei – Taboo – Garibaldi – Penelope - Rock Kitchen - Old School – Clamores - Federico Garcia Lorca Theater, Getafe - New Garamond - Festival Getafe. In 2011 I performed a show at the “El Genaina Theater” in Cairo, Egypt.

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Co-founder of Amazon Fire Music Publishing. Singer/Songwriter, producer, leader of Supremacia Terrenal Band. Latin Pop, Rock Fusion, Funk. I'm producing music for film and tv. As well I'm looking for new talented artists for sync licensing worldwide... any genres.