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The Lo-Fi

  • Jun 9, 2013
    • R&B
  • Band
The Lo-Fi
  • R&B
Type Band
Country Japan
  • English
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The Lo-Fi is a Jazz x Hiphop piano trio from Tokyo Japan. Lead by bass vocalist "5" (Goh Hirose) their music varies from hiphop style tracks to electro-jam-band style. Have toured in Hong Kong, London, Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands and have a US tour in the works too. They have released 3 albums. Featured in Surfing Life Magazine, Hot Bike Motorcycle Magazine, Wax Poetics, and other major magazines. They have done many live painting ambient style performances in art galleries too, reflecting their art-style jam style as well.
02 Carpe Diem
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Q Japan
Q Japan 12/5/22 10:54 PM
Finn Laus Petersen
Finn Laus Petersen 10/3/22 11:30 PM
Koh Cyrus
Koh Cyrus 2/28/14 11:30 AM
M P 11/10/13 9:49 PM
Michael  Brass
Michael Brass 7/15/13 9:47 AM
"great beat, nice flow..5 stars"
Music2Deal Support - Nora
Music2Deal Support - Nora 7/9/13 8:45 AM
"That song grooves!"
Ged Johnston
Ged Johnston 6/12/13 10:38 PM
"nice vibe man, like it"
Georges Perot
Georges Perot 6/11/13 7:09 PM
"Carpe Diem in Did!!! Great song"
Mario Christiani
Mario Christiani 6/11/13 11:35 AM
"Really Cool!"