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Wicked Expectation

  • Apr 3, 2017
    • Alternative
  • Band
Wicked Expectation
  • Alternative
Type Band
Country Italy
  • English
  • Italian
  • Business Services
  • Live
The Wicked Expectation project aims to unite electronic music and space rock, underlining typical shapes of shoegaze, especially on live sets. The band, formed in 2012, published its debut album 'Visions' in 2015; the one-year tour in support of the album visited Italy and Switzerland, both indoor and open-air performances. The concept of ‘Visions’ concerns the relationship between humans, nature and technology: a cohabitation that generates great innovations but also catastrophes. Both album and tour was self-produced by the band. The sound research and the new instrumental set-up have allowed the creation of new songs included in the new album 'Folding Parasite' that, as opposite to 'Visions', does not represent a concept album. The songs are characterized of a massive use of synthesizers and less guitars than the first album. The bass is frequently alternated with synth bass and the drum machines are mixed with the groove of the acoustic drums. ‘Folding Parasite’ were recorded, produced and mixed by the band. The second album was published on March, 17th 2017.
02 - Wicked Expectation - Seriously Laughing
03 - Wicked Expectation - Parallel Collapses
07 - Wicked Expectation - Cold Fresh Air
04 - Wicked Expectation - A Place Full of Sighs
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